Drywall & Framing

Drywall & Framing

The untrained eye frequently cannot tell if the drywall installation is done correctly. However, poor installation will eventually leave the walls with dents, holes, and gaps. This is why drywall installation is best done by a capable drywall contractor like Diamond Construction.

Also count on us to have your metal framing done on time and on budget, from simple framing to complex architectural details.

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Diamond Construction is your go-to source for any questions you have about our industry, drywall, framing, you name it. Here are some frequently asked questions that might be of use to you.

What are the steps involved in installing or repairing drywall?

In either situation, the first step would be to measure, cut, and install the new drywall after, if necessary, removing the old drywall. A taper will begin sanding, taping, and applying compound once the drywall is on the frame. It will take about a day for the first layer of mud to dry. They will return to your home the following day to carry out that procedure once more, and so on until there is enough compound to sand down to a flawless finish.

How much time will installing drywall require?

The length of time depends on how big your project is. Obviously, installing drywall in an unfinished basement will take much longer than simply patching up a damaged wall. The drywall process can take a week or longer for a complete basement remodel. Keep in mind that the contractor will need to return to your property for several days to finish the job after the drywall mud has dried over night. Diamond Construction will provide you with a detailed timeline for the duration of your project when you book your job.

Am I able to hang drywall by myself?

Yes, but keep in mind that hanging drywall is a labor-intensive task that calls for accuracy, precision, and hand-eye coordination. We advise using a qualified individual. To save your back if you decide to do it yourself, you should think about purchasing or renting a lift. After the drywall is up, it needs to be finished with consistency and taping. Following completion of this, you must apply a second layer of finishing compound to cover the tape.

Why does drywall crack?

There are a few reasons why drywall cracks:

  • Normal settling over time
  • New home
  • Home left vacant
  • Inferior taping/drywall installation
  • A leak
  • Foundation damage

How Thick Is Drywall?

Standard drywall thicknesses are 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, and 5/8 inch (depending on various building codes and requirements). When installing drywall on a slightly curved surface, 1/4-inch thick drywall comes in handy. Most interior walls and ceilings are constructed from half-inch drywall panels. It is best to use 5/8 inch fire drywall for commercial construction and soundproofing.

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